I started Monkey Rag with the idea that it would just be something amusing to do during my downtime between freelance gigs. I had loved the music of the Asylum Street Spankers for years, and this song was a particular favorite.  My favorite cartoons were always musical, like Friz Freleng's "Pigs in A Polka" or the Disney short "All The Cats Join In", and this song just suggested so much to me that I had most of the cartoon mapped out in my head before I even put pencil to paper.  Once I got the band's approval to embark, "Monkey Rag" quickly grew into something much larger and more important than I ever could have imagined. With traditional drawing becoming less and less a part of my animation work, it became a real pleasure, and sometimes a solace, to sit at my old-school animation disc and sketch out Mitzi skipping and dancing.  Over the course of working on "Monkey Rag", there was precious little time to work on it exclusively, which meant a lot of late nights, a lot of hermit-like behavior, and a lot of cold ravioli dinners. But even when I had other work to do, it was always in my periphery, imploring me to "give a little bit of what I got."  This cartoon has been in my head for four years, and I'm very excited to finally unleash it into the world.

                                                 -- Joanna Davidovich, 2013


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