Joanna Davidovich


Digital Color:

Darren Tate


Scanning/Composite/Additional Paint:

Nate Foster


The Song "Monkey Rag"

Performed by Asylum Street Spankers

written by Christina Marrs,

with additional lyrics by Wammo

published by C. Marrs Music (BMI)

courtesy of Yellow Dog Records



Special Thanks:


Mom and Dad

Dan Haskett

Jean-Raymond Lemieux

Vivienne Medrano

Emily Quinn

J.P. Riedie

Jason Shwartz

Spitfire Studios

Bettina Throckmorton

Bob Undi Jr.

Extra Thanks:

For the words of encouragement, for the guidance of those more knowledgeable than I, and for the beneficence of the Asylum Street Spankers who allowed me to do this in the first place, I just want to say "thank you" to everyone.  A super-duper thank-you to Darren Tate, who worked so cheerfully and tirelessly and whose generosity is boundless.  And a super-nova thank-you to Nate Foster, who's multi-faceted brilliance and stoic dedication can only be explained by him being some sort of magical techno-wizard.